We met in the fall of 2014 via the dating app Hinge, which pairs you together based on mutual Facebook friends. Although neither are invited to the wedding (sorry guys), we wouldn't be here today if it weren't for Brittney O'Leary and Matt Belknap, who are the two individuals that are responsible for us ever meeting one another. Here's our story, told from each of our perspectives.



There was never any doubt that Liv was the one.

As you now know, we met online in 2014, and went out for the first time shortly thereafter. Little did she know at the time, but Liv was the first and only girl I would ever meet online and take on a date. With not much experience in the online dating world, I'm a little surprised that Liv didn't immediately flee the restaurant on our first date when I panicked and ordered a rabbit salad like a total psycho... but I'm glad that she didn't. 

We hit it off immediately and before we knew it, we were in Peru wandering around Machu Picchu... and this was only 4 (or so) months after we started dating. While our first big adventure together was one of the most epic, we've always had an appetite for travel, whether it's a weekend getaway to Austin, or a round-the-world trip to Indonesia. Liv's sense of adventure is apparent in every aspect of her life, and it's one of things I admire most about her. 

Over the last four years we have been virtually inseparable. We have visited several continents together, cried together, laughed together, and even adopted a Corgi puppy together. No matter what we're doing or where we are, Liv simply makes life more fun, more adventurous, and more rewarding.

The past 4+ years has been the adventure of a lifetime, and it's only just the beginning. I knew there was something special about Olivia from the moment I met her, but I never knew how truly lucky I was when this girl swiped right into my life. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us, and I cannot wait to make Liv my wife.



I never thought I'd meet my person through a dating app, let alone that they would be a Coug, but man I'm so happy I did. Oliver will say I was "aggressive' to exchange numbers but I knew after a few days of chatting I needed to lock him down. Our first date was at Toulouse Petit and I should've known when he ordered the rabbit salad that he'd keep me on my toes. I knew things were going well when we continued to a second bar after dinner for a night cap. He was a true gent after our first date and saved our first kiss for a nauseatingly romantic moment standing outside the Scottish bar, Macleod's, in the pouring rain making me feel like a modern-day Allie Hamilton (The Notebook, anybody?). 

Oliver's ability to go with the flow is inspiring and also incredibly frustrating for a type-a, control freak like myself. But whenever we are faced with a challenge, he always says "we'll figure it out." And we always do. He's always been my biggest champion when I doubt my abilities to do something. 

The past 4 years have been nothing short of spectacular. He's taken me to corners of the world I never thought I'd go. He puts up with my antics and never says "no" when I tell him "let's go do that!" There is no one I have ever been more myself around. He loves me unconditionally through all my ups and downs and even laughs (sympathetically)  at my terrible jokes... now that's love. I love the life that we've built together and he's shown me what true husband-material looks like, and damn I can't wait to keep looking at him the rest of my life.