Meet the Party

James McIntosh

Best Man

James is not only my older brother, but he's one of my best friends. We've always shared a special bond, and remain very close to this day, despite living in different states. I have always looked up to James, and appreciate all the times he let me tag along when I was younger. I'm sure I was super annoying, but he put up with me anyway. There's no one else I would have as my Best Man.

Stephanie Sleeman

Matron of Honor

Stephanie is my oldest sister and Matron of Honor. Being 6 years apart, she luckily bypassed my obnoxious years, and have bonded in our adult years over our mutual love for Taylor Swift and a good time. Stephanie and her husband, Tyler, live in University Place with their 2 adorable kids, Travis and Kailee.

Jeff Peugh


Jeff and I met the summer before freshman year of college when we were attending our new student orientations at WSU. We ended up both following in our brothers' footsteps joining the same Fraternity as they did. We immediately became friends and have remained extremely close to this day. Jeff is the guy we all rely on to keep us in check and organized. He's one of the most loyal people I know and can't imagine this day without him.

Alexa Sparks

Maid of Honor

Alexa is my middle older sister and Maid of Honor. As kids, I remember forcing Alexa to play Barbies with me, and in true older sister form, Lex would take all the “good clothes.” I credit my love for Dashboard Confessional and Death Cab for Cutie to Alexa thanks to her eclectic and immense love for music and concerts. Alexa and I get together often for dinner and wine in Seattle and have always been each other’s best listener and shoulder to lean on growing up.

Max Maier


Max and I met in high school when we were visitng our brothers at WSU. We stayed in touch, ended up joining the Fraternity, and became great friends. Outside of my parents, I have lived with Max for longer than anyone else in my life (like 8 years). Not sure this is something to brag about, but it's something. When he's not busy hitting the Taco Bell drive through, Max is being a dependable and loyal friend who is always up for a good time. Excited to have him by my side!

Laura Gleeson

Matron of Honor

I have called Laura my best friend for over 15 years, and if we’re really counting, we even played on the same soccer team in elementary school. Go Panthers! I was honored to be the Maid of Honor in Laura’s wedding in August, and could not imagine Laura being anything other than a Matron of Honor in mine. Laur and I get together often with her husband, Ryan, and Oliver for dinner parties, double dates, and games at The Olde 99. Laura and Ryan live in Greenlake with their orange kitty, Barley.

James Whelan


Whelan and I met in high school when we played on the golf team together. We became great friends on and off the golf course, and our friendship has only gotten better over the years (like a fine wine). We also joined the same fraternity at WSU (see a theme emerging here...?), and spent our college years together seeing who could chug Busch Light faster... Whelan always wins. I'm super excited to have this gentleman by my side on the big day.

Kate Dickens


Kate and my friendship blossomed on the dance floors of numerous frat basements, and I knew it was true love when she could rap "Get Buck In Here" better than I could. Luckily, our friendship and taste in music has continued to grow over the years. She’s one of the kindest and wittiest people I know and gives the best advice. Kate lives in Queen Anne with her cat, aptly named, Kitty.

Will Dornes


Will and I met in middle school when our parents forced us to join a weird school for nerds called Stella Schola. Our hatred of Stella Schola brought us that much closer together, and we've remained close friends ever since. Will also joined the same fraternity as the rest of us Cougs, eventually converting his allegiances from UW to WSU (Go Cougs). Will has always been a character, and loves hanging with the bros more than anyone I know. Will is one of the more genuine, happy-go-lucky guys I know and I'm thrilled he will be up there with me.

Annie Van Hees


Annie was one of my very first friends at UW in 2007. We met trying out for crew... Annie lasted slightly longer than I did, and we became immediate friends. My most memorable moments with Annie are our travels together including going to Machu Picchu and cliff jumping in Jamaica! I can always count on Annie to drink wine and eat raw cookie dough with me, and she comes through if I'm in a camping gear pinch! Annie lives in Beacon Hill with her boyfriend, Aaron.

Chris Morton


As you can see in this photo, Chris is one of my oldest friends. We met in Elementary school when our dads coached our youth soccer team, the Blue Tornados. We were virtually inseparable throughout our childhood and have remained friends ever since. Despite living in different states for the last 10+ years we always pick up right where we left off whenever we get together. I was recently in Chris' wedding and can't wait for him to return the favor!

Emma Ershow


Emma and I met in high school and immediately bonded over towering above the boys and devouring peach cobbler at her mom's. One of my favorite memories of Emma is flying to NYC to surprise her for her Bachelorette Party, her reaction was eeeeevvveerything! Emma and I only get to see each other a few times a year during the holidays and special events, but the time together is never wasted. Emma lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Devin, dog, Harper, and they are expecting their first child in May!

Evan Wilson


Evan and Will were neighbors growing up, which is how we first met in middle school. In high school, Evan had the "cool basement" where we could play video games or ping pong (as we got older this became beer pong), and hang out without our parents breathing down our neck (teenage angst was real). We have remained close over the years and have always shared a passion for our beloved WSU Cougars. Evan is one of the most loyal friends I've ever had, which is why he'll be up there with me on the big day.

Gina DeCesare


Don’t threaten Gina and I with a good time! Even though I sprained my ankle running down stairs on the way to Gina’s Birthday freshman year, nothing has stood in the way of our friendship. Our careers have taken us to different states but we have always stayed close and see each other whenever the other is in town! A budding starlet, Gina lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Joe.

Trevor Harvey


Trevor and I met in college when he had the unfortunate task of being Max's freshman year roommate. They lived two floors above me and we immediately hit it off thanks to our borderline unhealthy obsession for sports. Trevor hails from Arizona, meaning we don't see each other as much as we'd like too, but anytime we get together just let the good times roll. Trevor is truly one of the nicest, most genuine people I've ever met, and I'm so thankful he'll be making the trek north to join me on our big day.

Kerry Simmonds


Kerry and I met at UW freshman year through Kate and won me over with her tenacious sarcasm. My most cherished memory is watching Kerry win a Gold Medal for crew at the 2016 Rio Olympics live on TV, and I love to bragging about her overall badassery to my friends. Kerry currently coaches the JV Women’s Crew team at Oregon State University and lives in Corvallis.

Mikey Routon


Mikey and I go way back, to when we both played on the Redmond Little League Marlins baseball team (we were clearly the best two players). We became even better friends in Middle School, forming a formidable squad alongside Will and Evan. While I'll never forgive Mikey for dropping out of WSU and transferring to UW, he has been one of my closest friends for nearly two decades, and I'm thrilled he's joining us up front on our Wedding Day.

Jemi Gunalp


Jemi and I met freshman year of college and became close as roommates senior year. I have always loved her quirky sense of humor and down to earth personality. She truly is a gem. Jemi’s intense and rigorous Medical School schedule has made seeing each other challenging over the years but our Alamo bond makes us forever friends.


Erik Dargitz

Groomsman / Officiant

Erik and I met in the fraternity, where he had the distinct honor of being my roommate our Junior year. Erik and I are cut from the same cloth, and immediately became close friends the very first time we met. Before he moved to San Diego, we were briefly reunited as roommates at my parents house while we tried to figure out our lives and get big boy jobs after college. Erik and I have remained close despite living thousands of miles away. He has always been so supportive of Liv and my relationship, and we couldn't think of a more well-spoken and kind person to help us tie the knot. I presume he'll say something embarrassing during his speech at the wedding, so I'll go ahead and preemptively apologize.

We are so excited to have him be the one to pronounce us man and wife, and can't wait to get this party started.